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Peter Cushing

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Rats in the Walls

The two Skaven Deathrunners from Silver Tower: this was a little annoying as, for gameplay reasons, the two miniatures had to be identical - and I hate having duplicates.

The big experiment here was in using some more of the Fluorescent paints in order to create the idea of a glowing warpstone dagger:

Not many to go now!

Monday, 24 April 2017

The Beast In Me

The beast in me
Has had to learn to live with pain
And how to shelter from the rain
And in the twinkling of an eye
Might have to be restrained
God help the beast in me

-Johnny Cash

Beastmen have always been interesting and the Silver Tower gives us birdy-beastmen in the shape of the Tzangors.

Unfortuntely, I don't have any WIP shots of these as I was racing along trying to meet my self imposed target of finishing the entire Silver Tower box before the end of the easter holidays. I did again convert them all so that there were no duplicates.

They were painted in the same way as the other Tzeentch figures; washes and glazes and a lot of grime and corrosion on the metals.

And here's all the followers of the Changer of Ways in one group:

Saturday, 22 April 2017


They burst out of the mist, but fighting them was like fighting water. You'd try to attack one of them but they'd suddenly turn as though they could see through each other's eyes; they leapt over each other and stabbed beneath each other... it was more like clockwork than eight men fighting. And they did it all in total silence; no talking, no communicating... that was the scariest thing of all.

More Silver Tower goodness.

The only thing to note on these chaps is that they come as duplicates, so all of them were converted to ensure that they were all unique. I furthered this by using four different skin tones.

I then revisited them as I wanted to add some glyphs to their skin - you can see one of them has some test versions on in the above photos.

I decided to go way back to the past to find the glyphs and used the Black Tongue from The Lost and the Damned:

These were then painted on with a variety of the Fluorescent paints from Vallejo, creating a rhythm in colour and glyphs across the group; my idea being that as creatures of chaos they could almost swap their consciousness between each physical body in the middle of combat; so the Acolytes would fight as single gestalt entity rather than single individuals.

Mainly it made them look like they were off to a rave, but whatever. 

Overall, for a very simply method - lots of washes and glazes - I think the results are more than adequate.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Horror, the Horror...

Continuing my adventures in the Silver Tower, this time I launch into the Horrors.

You'll notice here two distinct versions of the pink and blue horrors. This was based around a slight conundrum. The chaos stuff from Warhammer has always been brightly coloured and vibrant: but I've been working with a more grimy patina look recently. Was it possible to create the same effect of reality busting colour in a more subdued style?

I think so.

In both cases I started with a flesh base colour and then added a wash as a filter; this was then wet blended into the highlights. On the grimy style, the base was humanoid flesh while on the vibranmt ones the base flesh was pink or blue. Strangely, the highlights were the same colour on both.

The Brimstone horrors were basically drybrushed but that did the job very quickly.

I'm pretty happy with this little group and, as a treat for getting them done I treated myself to two of the magnificent familiars that come with the game:

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Enter the Silver Tower....

I'm a big fan of board games, and the idea of a semi-cooperative dungeon basher is enormously appealing so this was a no brainer.

Inside the box is all the gubbins you need to play the game including a frankly ridiculous number of miniatures. I decided to kick off with the Stormcast. I've never been a huge fan of the Stormcast sculpts; but as I discovered while working on it, it's not the design of the miniatures overall I dislike - it's the helmet. Once you take the helmet off, the sheer bulk of the miniature has a certain brutal presence.

As you can see, I continued down the grimy, lived in look I've been developing on my AoS28 and Inq28. I swapped out the head for one of the Flagellants and set to work with the various weathering techniques at my disposal.

The base is painted to reflect the shifting chaos of the interior of the Silver Tower. 

I am very, very happy with the outcome. This is a good start to the project, I think.